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FCC Station Classes

FCC Station Class Description
FB Base
FB2 Mobile Relay
FB4 Community Repeater
FB6 Private Carrier (Profit)
FB7 Private Carrier (Nonprofit)
FB8 Centralized Trunked Relay
FX1 Control
MO Mobile
MO3 Mobile / Vehicular Repeater
MO6 Private Carrier Mobile Operation (Profit)
MO7 Private Carrier Mobile Operation (Nonprofit)
MO8 Centralized Trunked Mobile
FXO Operational Fixed
FX2 Fixed Relay
FX Fixed
FXB Primary Permanent Fixed Stations Or Links
LR Radio location Land
WDX Radio location Weather Radar
MR Radio location Mobile
FX3 Secondary Fixed Signaling
Additional Code That Can Be Placed At The End Of Any Of The Above Station Codes Where Appropriate
A Airport Terminal
C Interconnect
I Itinerant
J Temporary Interconnect
K Standby Interconnect
L Itinerant Interconnect
S Standby
T Temporary