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Richard E Christian

Richard E. Christian
Richard Christian
Rick Christian
R. E. Christian

4509 14 ST W #702
Bradenton, FL 34207
PO Box 2984
Oneca, FL 34264
4798 S. Florida Ave #302
Lakeland, FL 33813

Listed Contact Number - 877-850-2130
Phone number belongs to R.C. Consulting.


Richard E. Christian :, and have been registered and are being maintained by Richard E. Christian, and not by myself (K3FS). Richard stop using the K3FS domains. Richard, please stop misrepresenting yourself, and pages as being associated with me. Stop misrepresenting yourself as K3FS. Stop misleading people in to thinking your domains are associated with K3FS and / or myself. Richard has plagiarized the content, style, and look of my site on those domains.

Please see this link regarding Richard E. Christian doing something similar to another site-

And one more worthy link -

Richard had registered K3FS as a user name on Radio Reference. This has since been turned over to me. Richard has been banned from the Radio Reference site

Richard has registered many domains, and many of these are attempts to confuse and mislead people. Richard registers domains related to other sites and other peoples work.

Richard also does not allow mention of K3FS or TRMA on anything he is associated with. As in this posting, which was deleted. Do this and your post WILL get deleted, and you will be censured from that point on.

Subject: [wpascanner] Re: Millvale/Etna/Sharpsburg frequencies
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:51:21 +0000
From: John

Hi Steve, welcome.

The best source for frequency data is from Frank, K3FS (there is a very
dishonest "person" who tries to emulate Frank but do not be confused by

Go here:

And look for the hypertext on the right side of the page. You will want
to have the PL/DPL tones too.

Aspinwall, Sharpsburgh, Etna, Blawnox, Millvale Police - 471.5875
Aspinwall, Sharpsburgh, Etna, Blawnox, Millvale Fire - 471.5625
Aspinwall, Blawnox EMS - 471.8375 (Foxwall)
Sharpsburgh, Etna, EMS - 471.8375 (Seneca)
Millvale, EMS - 471.8375 (Ross-Westview)
O'Hara Township also uses these frequencies (as above).
St. Margaret Hospital 464.475 PL 156.7

Don't forget that the Waterworks Plaza is within the corporate limits of
the City of Pittsburgh so you will want to also have those frequencies
in your scanner. Pittsburgh Police have a station at the Waterworks.

Remember, unless I made a typo error above, all this data comes from
Frank, K3FS (accept no substitutes).

Steve, consider stopping in to meet some of the TRAMA group at the
King's at the Waterworks on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Regards, John (N3JPB)

Richard felt the need to delete this post.

Update 12/19/11:

Richard now has the K3FS domains redirecting to

As seen by his latest posting on his pretty dead and inactive Yahoo group, he is trolling Radio Reference for material to post. No one is posting on his list but himself. TRMA list is active with postings from numerous individuals local to the area.

Richard, stop using the K3FS domains.

BTW way Richard, was this your way of celebrating your 44th birthday, exactly one week late?

Richard stop using the K3FS domains


Richard is now redirecting the K3FS domains to other sites.

2/4/2012: Update

Rick now has a Stop SOPA page up for the K3FS domains. Appropriate, considering his actions are the reason that anything like SOPA would be considered. Rick has pirated the K3FS domains as well as content.

Rick, sorry to see the pictures go from the K3FS domains. Good thing I saved my favorites before you took that directory away. Your route sheets were interesting also.

4/20/12 Update

A few more details about Rick's actions :
10/23/2009 at 1537 Richard registers the domains through Enom. Richard felt he needed to use whoisguard to hide his deed. It was not needed. You left enough of a trail Rick.

On 10/24/2009 at 22:04 Richard was using IP address He was using Konqueror 3.5 on a Linux system. Rick saved all of my downloaded pages to /home/rec9140/k3fs/ directory

Rick had maintained a very nice directory on He had some nice photos on there as well as some route sheets for work, a report sheet for work, and some other goodies. I had saved some of my favorites.

By the way Rick, you used the same Google Ad account that you use on your other sites.

Rick had also registered K3FS as a user name on Richard had already been banned from the site, and the user name was turned over to me.

Rick continues to ban anyone who mentions me, or Three Rivers Monitoring Association on his Yahoo Groups.

Update 9/9/12 -

KAE7854 de K3FS. You have your own call sign Rick. Stop pirating mine. R. E. Christian stop using the K3FS domains. Stop your online piracy of my call.

Update 12/1/2013 -

Rick continues his online piracy of my call. email address is listed on who is for It is also registered by Richard E. Christian

Update 11/27/14
Richard E. Christian has stopped renewing some of his domains. He has continued to keep the K3FS domains though.
Richard, stop using the K3FS domains Richard, stop your online piracy, and bullying.